Golden Fin anti-corrosion treatment

The heating exchanger of outdoor units undergoes a special treatment called Gold Fin which gives more strength to corrosion, if compare to that of conventional units, also protecting its integrity and services during the time.

High efficiency, Energy-Saving, Ultra-Cooling Capacity

Inteligent Control, Easy Operation


Designed for powerful cooling and heating to work better, last longer and cost less to run Air conditioners have to work extra hard in desert conditions and our designs offer everything you expect and more in terms of strong cooling and heating power, effortless temperature and airflow control, superior filtration, extra thorough air purification and more.


Ultra thin and lightweight design allows the unit to be hung from the ceiling or placed on the floor.

Ceiling Suspended Units
Ideal for rooms without false ceiling, the unit installs directly against the ceiling. Designed for maximum effeciency all around, the Units delivers consistent cooling and heating comfort in rooms up to 12.5 ft. ceiling heights without loss of capacity
  • - Auto-swing capability with 100° airflow pattern
  • - Quietly distributes airflow in all directions
  • - Lateral servicing space allows installation in corners, narrow spaces, walls and ceilings
  • - Concealed piping enhances decor
  • - Easy-to-clean flat surfaces
  • - Optional wireless controller


Ideal for Lobbies, Large Halls, Large Showrooms and Spaces with Wide Area Coverage requiring high CFM

Cool Features:

  • - Auto restart function
  • - Anti-rust outdoor unit
  • - Easy-cleaned panel
  • - Self diagnosis and auto-protection
  • - Two-direction air flow (SLR)
  • - Independent dehumidification
  • - Trapeziform Inner groove tube
  • - Hydrophilic aluminum fin


4-way ceiling-mounted cassette

ceiling-mounted cassette units provide low-noise, customizable comfort. Airflow is equally distributed in all four sides ensuring cooling every where in the room. - Sound pressure levels are as low as 45dB(A) - Space-saving depth of units requires only 400mm" of ceiling space - Three auto-swing positions to choose from standard, draft prevention and ceiling stain prevention - Simple installation with an easy-to-fit decoration panel, easy height adjustment and a suction grill that can rotate up to 90° - Easy-to-clean grill, washable long-life filter and optional high-efficiency filters trouble-free condensate pump inside the unit - Models range from 24,000 Btu/h to 48,000 Btu/h


Hight Ambient Window Air Conditioner

  • Modern aesthetic design with heavy gauge
  • plastic & galvanized steel with weather resistant electrostatic powder paint
  • Fresh air function
  • Designed for toughest weather conditions
  • Golden fins anti corossion protection
  • Silent operation
  • Heater / reverse cycle
  • Low power consumption
  • High energy efficiency ratio (high eer)
  • Heavy duty tropicalised t3 compressor
  • One touch dust filter
  • Auto swing & 4-way air deflection
  • Grooved copper tubing with slit fins

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